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MMOEXP : Elden Ring modder is rebelling and has made the whole game even harder

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    MMOEXP : Elden Ring modder is rebelling and has made the whole game even harder

    Elden Ring Not Hard Enough? This Mod has You Covered

    Elden Ring is hard. Misjudge anything--a cliffside, a boss, or a jump, and you're bound to be and sent back to your last Site of Grace. Death is inevitable. It might even be the most important thing. It is through death that you can learn to conquer the seemingly impossible challenge of restoring peace to this area known as the Lands Between, and become the Elden Lord. You'll die a lot before that happens, and a fair few mods have appeared to make it easier. But the one Elden Ring modder is rebelling and has made the whole game even harder.

    "I believe I've come across about 4 or 5 'easy mode' mods around," creator Silentverge02 told MMOexp via direct messages. "They all basically did the same thing"50 percentage less damage from enemies and health'. This seems a bit lazy to me I guess."

    As was reported via PC Gamer, Silentverge02 released a hard mode to Elden Ring that alters certain aspects of the latest Souls-like from FromSoftware. Its Prepare To Die mod, accessible via Nexus Mods, does more than just increase enemy health pools and damage output. According to the mod's description it increases enemy statistics like damage defence, defense, as well as resistances by a few levels to New Game Plus levels, and keeps other things like health, focus points and stamina in the same. The AI of enemies is also a bit more advanced thanks to this mod, meaning they can detect the enemy from a distance. They look for you for longer and with greater intensity after you've been eluded and they can spot you when attempting a backstab.

    Prepare To Die mod makes other changes. Prepare To Die mod makes some other adjustments with a larger field of view, relegating fast travel to cathedrals only and churches, and altering New Game Plus to accommodate for the added difficulty and enemy AI adjustments. In essence, the extremely difficult Elden Ring just got a bit more difficult thanks to this mod. Great.

    In the description of the mod Silentverge02 claimed that they "got sick" of watching easy-modes appear in Nexus Mods. Silentverge02 elaborated in messages to MMOexp that even though Elden Ring is enough of an exam already, they felt that the enemy AI is "lacking" and wanted more than the game gives. Much like a glutton who needs to be punished.

    "I'm not in any way praising those mods for easy mode or anything else," Sileventverge02 told us, "but it's just a race to see who can ruin this game the fastest. I have no beef with any other modders for Elden Ring, and I don't have any issues at all with mods that are easy mode-like. I simply enjoy an adventure in everything I do, particularly gaming. I'm that type of person who when playing a new game will crank the difficulty to max on the first time I play. More challenge [equals] more enjoyment!"

    The most difficult part of making Prepare To Die, says Silentverge02 was finding out the right way to modify Elden Ring in the first place. The game hasn't been released for over a month. Mods for the game surely exist, however they've found working on the game's code difficult due to the lack of "how-tos" out there. But, Silentverge02 isn't done modding the game for the moment They've got an additional idea in their head.

    "Yes, I plan on making (or trying to make) a survival type mod where you need to make more items to survive . And maybe there's a hunger system of some sort," Silentverge02 told us. "I'm likely just dreaming about it, but you'll don't think you'll ever know. If it's possible I'll find out!"

    It's difficult to imagine Elden Ring being any harder than it already is. I'm being slapped across the board by everything within the Lands Between's horizon. Yet, people are playing the game without losing their lives by killing bosses and bosses in the most stylish way they can. Let me see them accomplish everything with this mod on.

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