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Classified Adverts - Coming Soon!

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    Classified Adverts - Coming Soon!

    We're currently working hard on a Classified Advert section.

    It will simply be split into two sub-forums; a Wanted section to post an advert for those hard-to-find factory or NOS parts, as well as allowing for sellers to browse through to see if they have the parts that people need. A For Sale section will allow users to post up adverts for the parts they have to sell...

    With the loss of previous websites such as Vintage Bike Ads, a hotspot for finding rare or factory parts, there is currently no dedicated classified section in the world - this is what we want to change. The loss of Vintage Bike Ads was partly due to the shaky system allowing scammers and trolls through. This is something we want to avoid and is why we are taking our time to build the system to make it the safest environment possible to both buy and sell.

    This post will be updated as and when we get closer to launch.

    Classified section now LIVE! Get posting guys.